What kind of driver are you?

What kind of driver are you?
2022, July 29

You have probably noticed that when you drive, you don't react the same way as your family members or friends. There are several types of drivers, do you know them?

Read our article and find out what type of driver you or your family members are.


1. The teacher

You can't help but point out to other drivers the mistakes they can make while driving. An approach for which you hope they salute you. After all, you taught them something interesting, right?


2. The getaway enthusiast

Got a long drive ahead of you? Your playlist or series of podcasts is already up. Or the list of relatives you could call (in hands-free mode!). Instead of getting mad at others, you prefer to isolate yourself.


3. The competition addict

Someone cut you off? He'll feel it coming! You want to outrun all the drivers and always be the first. And you're not afraid to put your foot down if someone wants to pass you.


4. The Philosopher

You keep your cool behind the wheel like no one else. Do other drivers behave inappropriately? You accept their mistakes without concern and try to understand how they could have made them.


5. "I know everything better than everyone else".

Everyone knows that you drive better than everyone else, right? In your eyes, everyone else on the road got their license in a surprise package. And none of them are exempt from your constant remarks.


6. The vigilante

A driver has made a mistake behind the wheel? He's not going to get away with it. You feel the need to punish their misbehavior, even if it means getting out of your car to do it.


7. The Avoidant

You avoid confrontation as much as possible. You may see other drivers as dangers on the road, but you prefer to avoid conflict. In fact, you stay in your own bubble as much as possible.


Source : https://www.suzuki.be/fr/blog/quel-type-de-conducteur-etes-ou-connaissez-vous

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